Plumbing Jobs Where Even Professionals Need Experience

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Plumbing issues are serious business, and you know that you want a genuine expert performing work on your home. Despite that obvious need, there are many services that fall under the umbrella of plumbing that most homeowners overlook. Even if you don’t need any of this work today, you want to be sure that you have access to a plumber who can perform these lesser-known tasks.

Gas Testing

In many cases, you can detect a natural gas leak by the rotten egg smell. If so, follow the appropriate safety tips immediately. In many cases, the leak may not occur in a place where you can smell it. Regardless, leaks are serious issues that require professional attention, and you don’t want it handled by a first-timer. Because of their proximity to water lines, gas lines are often serviced by plumbers. Even if your issue has nothing to do with natural gas, you still want your professionals to know how to handle natural gas for two reasons. First, plumbing problems can sometimes become compounded with gas leaks, and having a single pro to handle it all saves time and money. Secondly, dangerous fumes are also an issue tied to waste lines. If your plumber is an expert in all of these areas, you have little reason to worry.


One of the best ways to improve your daily quality of life and the value of your home is to consider upgrading the kitchen and/or bathrooms. While the cost of renovation might tempt you to make improvement piecemeal, you actually save a lot of money in the long run by doing as much as possible in one fell swoop. For most homes, this project includes upgrading plumbing lines and fixtures, so you’ll need a pro to do certified work. If they’re also proficient with home renovations in general, they can help you better plan and manage the work, saving even more time and money overall.

Meter Management

Eventually, something will go wrong in your home that will cause a big spike in your utility bill. While leaks are often the culprit, they aren’t the only cause. Many people are surprised to learn that water meter problems can be the issue just as easily as anything else. When that happens, they need  service and/or replacement. Why do you need this specific experience? A knowledgeable plumber will understand whether you or the utility company is responsible for paying the bill. On top of that, they can get the issue fixed sooner rather than later, and you don’t want to be footing inflated bills for no reason.

You don’t need to quiz your plumber to gauge their experience in these fields. You can simply ask them or even visit their website. Different aspects of plumbing are carefully certified so anyone with genuine expertise can easily verify their qualifications. Until you know for certain, though, never hesitate to ask.