Plumbing Services

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Plumbing systems are never simple. Your house or office’s drains, pipes, faucets, and HVAC systems are all connected to each other, and damage to one part of the system can end up compromising something else. Roto-Rooter plumbers are thus trained to provide an array of different services, ensuring that no home plumbing problem will catch us off guard. Our Denton County team can offer you:

Faucet & Fixture Services in Denton County, Texas

The first step in fixing a faucet is to figure out what type it is. Faucets can be divided into four main categories, each based on the method it uses to transport water: compression, cartridge, ball, and disc. Our plumbers will quickly identify the faucet type, assess the damage, and begin repair work. If a faucet is too badly damaged, we can replace it, seamlessly installing a new unit in place of the old one. Even if your faucet isn’t damaged, you may still want us to upgrade it, installing low-flow, hands-free, and other specialized faucets to save water and preserve your plumbing.

Clog And Leak Repairs

The key to keeping leaks and clogs under control is to catch them early. The longer they are left unattended, the more likely they are to expand and cause more serious pipe damage. You should thus inspect your pipes for leaks once a month, paying particular attention to those that use large amounts of water at once. If you find one, turn the water off immediately so that the leak cannot expand, and then begin repairs. Likewise, use a plunger or a snake to clear up any drains and toilets that become clogged or that don’t empty as well as before. You will probably be able to fix minor leaks and clogs on your own, but if a problem gets out of hand, don’t hesitate to call Roto-Rooter.

Outdoor Plumbing Services

Outdoor plumbing equipment is exposed directly to the elements and thus requires special care. Pipes will freeze or rust more easily, roots can penetrate your sewer line, and faucets may leak for days without being noticed. The Roto-Rooter team is vigilant about outdoor damage, taking care to keep external plumbing in just as good a condition as internal plumbing. We perform in-depth video camera line inspections to find and eliminate clogs and leaks, root destruction to protect your sewer and underground pipes, and routine cleanings for gutters, downspouts, and drains. We also provide advice and maintenance services to prevent plumbing problems from happening in the first place.

Sewer And Drain Repairs

Although backed-up drains are usually the result of localized clogs they sometimes indicate a more fundamental problem with your sewer line. If one of your drains is overflowing or simply isn’t emptying quickly enough, we will perform an in-depth diagnostic to determine the source of the problem. If there is a sewer line problem, we will repair it, using trenchless methods and other services that cause as little environmental damage as possible. Whether you’re dealing with root damage, corrosion, outdated materials, or routine blockages, we will fix the problem with minimal damage to your yard.

Gas Testing

Natural gas leaks are among the most serious threats that homeowners and businesses can face. Even a minor gas leak immediately exposes you and everyone else around to dangerous chemicals, and it dramatically raises the risk of a fire or explosion. Constant vigilance is thus imperative to keep your natural gas system safe. Roto-Rooter performs routine gas pressure tests. At the slightest sign of low pressure, we will immediately search for the leak, determine the cause of the damage, and perform comprehensive repairs to keep your building permanently safe.

Kitchen Renovations

Though many think of kitchen renovations as a luxury, they are often necessary to address design flaws and outdated equipment in your home. If you consistently have problems with your drains, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and other kitchen plumbing equipment, it will likely be more effective to perform a single, comprehensive upgrade rather than to fix each item individually. Roto-Rooter uses the latest technology on all of our renovations, leaving your kitchen functional and beautiful.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms handle enormous volumes of water on a daily basis, making it essential that all of their constituent parts work together effectively. Outdated equipment and aging pipes can lead to chronic sink and toilet clogs, backed up drains, and a host of other problems. As with kitchens, it is often more effective to fix all problems at once than to repair each one piecemeal. Thus whether you seek to save water, avoid plumbing issues, or simply make your bathroom more beautiful, a Roto-Rooter renovation will do the trick.

In addition to providing these standard services, our team is always ready to innovate, fixing all plumbing problems no matter how difficult or unusual. No matter what is wrong with your home or business, contact Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain for quick, reliable repairs.