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James Barksdale

James Barksdale worked for Bob Davis from 1960-1968 at the Roto-Rooter in Fort Worth, TX. For the next several years, James worked jobs in the fencing and plumbing industry, until late 1971, when he was hired to work at the Roto-Rooter in Denton, TX. Shortly thereafter, James was offered an opportunity that would change his and his family’s lives forever – accepting a proposal to purchase the Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Service franchise for Denton County in 1973. In the first year, the company had one truck, which James worked out of as a one-man business cleaning residential and commercial drains, but a year later he couldn’t keep up with all of the work that was coming in, so he hired a 2nd service tech. These two men were the hardest working and most honest men around town and business steadily grew over the next several years.

A Family Business

James’ oldest son, Doyle Barksdale, began working with the company on weekends and during the summers from 1975-1977. In January of 1978, Doyle became a full-time service tech, adding a 3rd truck to the company’s roster. The company continued drain cleaning and septic pumping through the late 70’s and in the early 80’s, the company purchased its first jetter, a Myers trailer mount. In the mid-80’s, James’ middle son, Craig Barksdale, joined the team working with his brother and father. The company was growing and adapting with the changing times and the needs of its customers. So, in 1992 the company began offering plumbing services and by December of 1995, Doyle Barksdale became the Master Plumber. This brought more work in and allowed the business to add 4th & 5th service trucks to the fleet, and expand its available services to include video line inspections.

Eventually, James was working more in the office and taking care of the books, but would still jump in a truck and run calls if needed to be done. Some years were harder than others, with slow months and times when it was hard to find dependable help; that’s when James would tighten his belt and do whatever had to be done to keep his business alive. As technology advanced, Trenchless Pipe Replacement services were added in 2001, and Leak Detection services by 2005.

The Legacy Continues

Those early years of hard work and honest business have been “the root” of the business’ mission, building a lasting legacy that the family carries on today. James Barksdale passed away after a battle with leukemia and heart problems on March 8, 2011. The company continues on with James in their hearts as they strive to make this company the success that James created it to be.
Doyle Barksdale is now the President of the company. His mom, Calvia Barksdale, is the Vice President. The office is managed by his nephew Jordan Barksdale and his oldest son, Cody Barksdale works in the office part-time.