Problem Perceptions: Faucet & Fixture Issues To Watch Out For

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When guarding your home against plumbing problems, knowledge is power. The better you understand common issues that can affect your plumbing system, the easier it is to address them before they can spread and undermine your entire home. This is particularly true for problems with your faucet and other plumbing fixtures. Many of the faucet and fixture issues start out as localized problems, and if you repair them quickly, they stay local. But if you don’t identify and address them in time, they spread to nearby pipes and force you to make comprehensive repairs.

Problems with Water Pressure

If you notice that water is coming out of your faucet at a low rate of pressure, the problem may be that the aerator at the front of the faucet has become clogged with dirt or minerals. If you catch this problem early, you need only replace the aerator, and your faucet will likely return to full functionality. But over time, clogged aerators cause water to become backed up in the faucet and other parts of the pipe, building up the pressure and increasing the chance that your plumbing equipment will break or rust. You could thus end up dealing with far more serious damage if you don’t address the problem quickly.

Endless Dripping

Faucets that won’t stop dripping may be the result of many different problems. One such problem is a broken washer; the washer controls the flow of water, so if it becomes torn or dislodged, you may not be able to stop that flow. There could also be a problem with your fixtures; perhaps the handles became stiff or rusted, making it impossible to close them entirely. In either case, immediately replacing the broken equipment should shore up the problem. But if you leave it unattended, not only will you waste water, but you risk allowing rust to spread and damage the faucet.

Squeaking Sounds

If your fixtures squeak when you turn them, this could be a sign that some part of them has broken or that minerals have gathered around the interior. Not only is this both inconvenient and annoying, but it means you are likely putting more pressure on the sink every time you turn a fixture. This increases the risk that you will break something, making it essential to shore up the problem as soon as you notice it.

Noisy Water Flow

Besides fixtures, the water itself may make a loud chattering or whistling noise when you run it. This often indicates that a washer has come loose, setting the stage for dripping and other faucet problems down the road. You should thus have the washers checked. If one has come loose, replace it immediately; if not, there may be something wrong with your pipes.

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