Solutions to Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

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It can be extremely frustrating when problems suddenly arise with your bathroom’s plumbing. Fortunately, many of the most common bathroom plumbing problems have simple solutions. Here are some do-it-yourself solutions to the 5 most common bathroom plumbing problems:

1. Clogged Sink Drain

Clogged sink drains are most commonly caused by soap scum and debris which have become lodged in your sink’s drainage pipes. In order to get rid of the clog, you will need to dislodge it and either allow it to continue down the pipe or pull it out.

The easiest way to remove a clog from a drain is by using a plunger. The air pressure created by the plunger will break up any clogs and allow them to continue down the drain. In order to completely dissolve the clog, you will want to follow up with a chemical drain cleaner, which can be picked up at just about any store. Another option is to look into the sink with a flashlight and see if you can spot any blockages close to the drain opening. If you can reach the clog, simply remove it with a pair of pliers.

2. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be particularly frustrating, especially when it’s in your shower. Before you take steps to fix the problem, you will want to test to see if the water pressure is still low when you switch from cold to hot water. If it is, it likely means that a mineral deposit has built up in either your faucet aerator or the faucet cartridge, thus restricting the water flow.

To solve this problem, you can remove your aerator (if it is removable) and place it inside a bowl of vinegar overnight. The vinegar will loosen up the mineral deposit which then can be rinsed out the next morning. If your aerator is not removable, remove the shower head or the faucet head and place it in a bag of vinegar – it should produce the same results.

3. Dripping Bathroom Faucet

Dripping faucets not only cause a rise in your water bill, but the sound can also drive anyone crazy. A dripping faucet is typically the result of a worn-out washer. The washer is the rubber material that creates a seal when you turn off the faucet, thus keeping the water from escaping. In order to determine if the washer is the cause of the problem, unscrew the faucet handles and remove the cartridge. Check to see if there are any signs of damage or tearing; if there are, simply replace the cartridge and reassemble your faucet.

4. Running Toilet

A running toilet is a bit more complicated than the other common bathroom plumbing problems because it can have multiple causes. The most common of these problems involves the flapper valve – a piece which allows water to flow from the toilet tank into the bowl. The issue may also lie with the fill valve, which often becomes loose from repeated use. And the third most common cause of a running toilet cause is a leaking flush valve. All of these problems can be solved by purchasing a toilet repair kit from your nearest hardware store and following the instructions.

If the toilet repair kit does not solve the problem, you may be experiencing a buildup of sediment, which affects the filling and flushing of your toilet. This issue will need to be fixed by a trained plumbing professional.

5. Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are another bothersome yet easily solvable problem. Simply use a plunger to create air pressure which will force the clog down the drain. If this doesn’t work, you will want to invest in a closet auger. This tool can reach farther than the air pressure of a plunger can, which may allow you to reach all the way down to the clog.

If none of the above solutions help you solve your plumbing problems, it is time to contact the experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain. We’re here to help you with all your plumbing problems – from clogged sinks to leaking faucets to gas leaks. Contact us to learn more about our plumbing services.