Commercial Plumbing Services

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Companies experience the same plumbing and heating issues that affect homes, but with much higher stakes. For a homeowner, most plumbing problems are merely an inconvenience; for companies, they disrupt business, directly threatening the firm’s bottom line and therefore its survival. Serious water and gas issues can also put your employees and customers at risk, leading

Water Heater Repairs

Hot water is essential for customer and employee happiness, especially at restaurants and other businesses that serve beverages. Roto-Rooter provides a wide selection of water heaters, as well as in-depth information on which heater is best for your business. We also offer quick, efficient repairs for all heater issues, keeping your costs and environmental footprint low at all times.

Pipe & Fixture Services

Pipe and fixture problems create a dilemma for many businesses. No company can afford to leave these problems unattended, but fixing them will disrupt business operations. Roto-Rooter offers non-invasive inspections and repairs, interfering with your time and workflow as little as possible while we restore your plumbing.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Clean kitchens and bathrooms are not luxuries; they are vital to the health and productivity of customers and employees alike. Drainage problems, clogged toilets, and other plumbing issues make it difficult to keep bathrooms and kitchens clean. The more often you have to deal with these problems, the more a Roto-Rooter renovation is in order.

Gas & Water Meter Replacements

Meter maintenance is a necessity for both safety and financial health. A business with broken meters can neither keep customers and employees safe nor identify opportunities to save money. Roto-Rooter offers routine inspections for your meters and all other gas and water equipment, and will promptly replace any devices that are not functioning properly.

Pipe Installation & Repair

Pipes are a frequent source of problems for businesses, especially if your office is in an older building with outdated plumbing. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain is proactive about business plumbing issues, identifying outdated equipment, misshapen pipes, root threats, and other concerns before they have a chance to cause problems.


Many companies prefer to handle their own repairs, and Roto-Rooter respects their right to do so. If at any point in the repair process you need information, our troubleshooting team is always ready to walk you through drain cleanings, clogs, sewer pipe repairs, and all other plumbing repairs.

From hospitals to retailers to restaurants to universities, Roto-Rooter has worked with a wide range of businesses and institutions. No matter your industry, we know your needs and have the expertise to meet them.